Memory: Echoes and Breathing

Well, this is a new blog and it is time I began saying what I really think and feel somewhere.

In Echoes Breathe: It’s not just a catchy title, although it is quite catchy if I do say so myself. It’s a philosophy of memory, an interpretation of life. In echoes, we find that which has been spoken reverberating, resonating sound occurs throughout our being drinking in memories as sunlight. In echoes we hear voices past, things forgotten, vanities and conceits fulfilled, nymphs betrayed, and stories told. We all have echoes, we all leave echoes, our touch, our actions spreading outward in an arc from us to others in an unpredictably consequential ripples of causality. Echoes remind us we are not alone, they tell us stories from the past, things forgotten, ripples we have caused to spread across space and time and lives like a chain reaction, like breathing.

In the face of memory, we breathe in the stories, absorb our pasts and remember together, we are faced with the echoes that ripple across our flesh and minds. The love of another, the chaos of betrayal and deception, the power of self sacrificing love. In the face of memory we all breathe in something beyond ourselves, echoes imply space, a cavernous abode wherein we can remember the sands of our past, and dwell in the hot moonlit night of the present, remember the drums and fires that have echoes in our genes. We are the accumulation of memories from those who have gone before, our genes, testaments of someone’s life story for ages past and ages to come.

In echoes, we breathe. In the face of memory we are sustained. One cannot accomplish life alone, that is measureless folly and the hope of pure abandon of the other. Memory teaches us to remember the Other. To set before our awareness that holy togetherness which we all share in. In echoes, we carry on the traditions of the past, and listen to the voices of the generations before us. In echoes we hear dark tales of evil happenings, whispers that some should seek to have forgotten, as well as memories of heroes and legends from before. These that have gone before unite us, they provide our breath in that we can look to them for the guidance we need in the life that we now live.

Memory is more important than failure, more important that success. Without memory we shall soon forget even ourselves. Memory gives us solidarity, reminds us that we have all been present, in times past, in the events of our ancestors. Memory teaches us that the accomplishments of the one, find their life in the acceptance of those facts by the many. Memory reminds us that we are not alone, not in relation to ourselves nor to God, who has forsworn never to leave us.

There is a God in heaven who looks upon us and asks us to remember. Forget Me not, he says. Because it is in memory that we can relate to God, that we can hold before ourselves graces in times past and hold hope for the future.

As we listen to those echoes of the past, flooding our pores with light and awareness, let us enter that sacred communion which comes in the breathing in of memories, in absorbing them into ourselves and exhaling out their worth. In echoes, find your past, and breathe, fully aware of who you have been and where you may be going.

In Echoes Breathe


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