Eulogy for a Friend

This is an older work republished.

And I would ask the sky to shed tears for the lost, including me, for I am beyond any land I have ever known. Destiny whispers faint memories in my ears, and the voices make my mind wander beyond good and evil to a place I have never known before. Everyday is just another trial at the hands of judgment, and penance is an unachievable task for I am forgone the choices of my past existence. I suffer destitution for the sins of my fathers, and I weep for the ashes of the ancients.

I would ask the sky to shed tears for the fallen, for they know not how to stand. In the face of their enemies they have collapsed, and life is no more for them. I would ask the guardians of dreams to guide them through the shadows of this world and into the next. For this is the way of things. Faith teaches us to fight for the ones who can no longer struggle, to stand for those who have no faith, to speak for the voiceless. I would pray that the fallen are found in other dreams, other walks of life, not this poor existence.

I would ask the sky to shed tears on lovers for they are all so lost in this world. May the blessings of Arcadia be their guidance to the true path of this life, for not all is lost without love. The stars will weep for the lovers who are lost by their feuding, and untimely loss will fall away. This is the dying day, when the wise are lost, and the lovers are brilliant. This is the day when the lords of chaos will weep with at their creation of this love. Tonight is a night when all is lost and the world is ended with a single whisper, in the end the skies will always weep.

I would ask the skies to weep for the lament of the sinners, who try to tear away from the lies of this world. There is no freedom in this world. Fresh tears will caress the dead as they pass.


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