Turn around slowly, and let the fire consume your eyes
an empty lullaby today, the death of poetry tomorrow

God is dead they say, standing in an ovate circle
They, contemplate the death of the oven bird over coffee

This is for you,
Watch the tragedy of our fallen state consume you as you feel the world,

Awake from your dogmatic slumber
and shake the age old dust that burdens you

Shake off the carefree detachment of scientific analysis
and feel the world for what it is

Feel that beating heart,
the cries of innocents and the voices of martyrs

Convulse yourself to breathing life
and open your ears to hear the cries,

Feel the tremors of our whole existence
shuddering under the burden of our indifference

Bring yourself to life,
convulse yourself to meaning

Unnerve yourself and take these words like prophecy,
Letting them burn in your bones like a Mandate

Then, reach out weary, tired hands,
To help another breathe again


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