La Serenissima

She is the ocean waves

her voice undulates, pushes and pulls, a midnight tide under moonlight

she sleeps, a babbling brook under the night sky, embracing stars and shadows

and when she wakes, she’s like autumn winds before the cold sets in,

She is a strange creature, youth and age commingled in her eyes like wine and water,

mixing in an ineffable constancy of interlocution, wisdom, innocence and the Other

She trembles in the heavens thunderstorms follow her ballet in the clouds

She hides among the trees, smelling of a tint of wine, and ocean air, she smells of fresh breezes and sunlight, her hair coils about her in tentacled tendrils of power

her presence embraces the wind, commingles the oceans with the trees, sunsets are her prayers, and the dawn, a litany on her lips

She raises up her dreamers hands, to play her harp in the moonlight

She sings with the voice of tragedy like the leviathan who has lost a lover, she sings with a voice of love, like the calm sea that has reached the shore in mutual embrace

Her dark eyes echo something distant and powerful, earthquakes and eruptions, an endless obsidian refraction

her fingernails grace the waves with blessing, and dolphins dance in her hair

She claims the night as her child, and the sunset as her endless embrace


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