Under Moonlit August

Refractory dreams coalesce into the tide pool of memory,

a whisper in a dream, Orpheus is the only guide

a land of desire, blanketed in the dreamy hazes of lovers embrace

this is where dreams meet, and lips touch under the eternal sunshine of a flawless melody

A quickened pulse and indrawn breath, innocence meets innocence,

august winds long gone, October’s clinging to hope reveal forgiveness of heart

As Janus approaches, the rain patters against a windowsill

a hand against the glass reaches beyond, into another

The moment quickens, and flows, it is only here,

already now, and it joins the tiess like New York shoelaces in Harlem,

a mirror catches hope and turns the blue girl round again

and in that sacred moment,

we are everywhere,

we are everything




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