Rest, How does a lover rest? Drunk and stumbling in the arms of twilight

My heart is ablaze with myriad pictures painted on silence.

In the sunset, the world grows soft, little wonder that I am out here, drinking in the wild places

Dark hair, long and flowing, a memory, a voice, like wild honey, and a laugh like wine, a memory and fiery text in the walls of my heart

Doubt, Fear, unbelief, just another passing moment, a breath in silence, exhale the cares

drunk with a looming passion, it hangs on my lips like the scent of wine

Her skin, brushing up against mine, otherworldly in the twilight, the sunset in her eyes like emeralds in a fire.

A soft blush on her cheek, a sudden indrawn breath of excited surprise, the laugh like summer memories

Even with the lights and seeming like a forgotten dream, she glows.

A stone for my pillow, to dream of you tonight.

I smell apples on her breath, and hear rivers in her footsteps, a single word exchanged at sunset, that’s all it takes, she vanishes away, taking my heart with her to wild places.


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