Imagination and The task of Suffering

yeah, so here’s another question: why is it difficult to be a human being?

As I sit here and ponder my own existence, i’m confused, beholding myself, beholding, myself. I am indeed a strange loop. higher consciousness built on lower consciousness.

Today I feel like the world is decent, i’m a failure, but i’m ok. i am suffering, i cause suffering, i will die, I cause death. what dogma has ever been able to solve that one?

why can’t we seem to accept the mystery of our own inherent good and evil?

mysterion. theotokos. logos.

a community of words beyond simple meanings, beyond reason alone. as I unlock my imagination and set it loose to tackling the task of existence. Imagination.

Where does wonder come from? Why do we wonder?

we wonder because we are weak, because we are children, not one of us is old, not one of us is ancient, wisdom escapes us. we imagine because it is our gift, we have been granted imagination or stolen it and made it our own. We inherently dream, we have made it our business as creatures to dream beyond ourselves, to imagine.

It is our task to imagine, and when we do not do so, we are miserable and weak, fractured beings. Imagination is. We are.

Ever shall God be.

I’m done.



One thought on “Imagination and The task of Suffering

  1. hehehe I got to this by trying to find who is mysterion from south park. But thought: forgive others for the imperfect beings they are and you’re on the way to forgiving yourself for being the imperfect being you are, thus finding the inner serenity and strength that is so vital to true happiness~~~~ Good Luck!

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