Bad Love Songs and Optional Fish

Hey all, saw Hellboy II tonight. It rocked. I loved the creatures, the story was alright but the design was wonderful. the only thing that bothered me was the Abe Sapien thing, they have officially turned him into optional fish.


In the first film Abe couldn’t breathe without his assistance neck collar, but in this one he has the option of hanging out, gills abreast in the open without a fear of suffocation. In the first film, the collar circulated water past the gills, in this one it seemed like an afterthought.


i’m a bit ocd I know, but still he seems like an optional fish. Just the idea of optional fish….


seems like Aqauaman’s brother that never made it through hero school. “Behold, I am optional fish! I can’t turn into a dolphin, dolphins are mammals asshole. But I can do a guppy, or a flounder.”


Optional fish, we sing your praises.


All Hail Optional Fish, King of the Hellboy Universe


and what was with the moment where the movie turned into a musical?


Strangeness, but really, loved the movie overall.



On a side note to self:

And the chapter shall be called: on the facifulness of long distance loves and their ensuing hillarities which are hereafter mentioned after this aforementioning preface, and the happiness of good friendships, which as everyone knows are like dragon tears, they turn into jelly beans


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