Garbage Day

Consider, as you’re killing time, what it means to wait for outer space to come crashing down all around.

So, i sat in wonder, waiting, killing time, thinking about true love, when suddenly , my mother asked me to remove a bag of trash from the home. Summer had gone, October skies were bleached blue and there was a chill in the air. I being a mere child passed into a state of dread sitting there, ready to appease my mother’s request with fear and trembling gripping my entire body.

Grasping the black sack by the neck like a chicken to be beheaded, I dragged it outside, my small hands shaking, the sack, nearly twice my size ready to burst weighed on me like a cross. Dragging it outside the door and into the hallway, past the industrial washing machine and dryer where the fairies would play hide and seek, my feet hit broken chiseled asphalt, bleached gray and fading, cracked like ogre’s hide but twice as foreboding.

It was beginning to get dark, the sun setting fast, pulling himself down towards the horizon with blinding speed, darkness began to chant the dark chants of dusk and expand her power over the surrounding area. dragging my burden as quickly as possible, I saw a black cat perched atop the carports, and he looked at me with curious eyes and a mischievous smile.

Averting my eyes from the cat, he spoke to me and said, “you’ll not survive the troll back there, he is quite angry today.”

Reaching into my pocket i pulled out a small rock, whilst attempting to manage teh sack of garbage on my shoulders.

As I approached the dumpster, i heard heavy breathing, and the sack on my shoulders seemed to grow heavier with every passing step.

“Troll, there’s a boy here to see you.” The cat taunted.

I heard a rumbling right outside the dumpster, and saw a thick hand covered in chicken grease pour out over the edge, it was then that i threw my little rock and ran back into the safe haven of the hallway, the fairies sensed the danger as well and soothed my fears, I must have sat there for hours as i waited for the troll to come tearing down the hallway.

It was then that a hand reached over and touched my should, a hand so small it felt like a child’s, the fairies were going to help me back to my room. They passed me through a vent in secret, back behind the industrial washing machine, with the red and silver trim, back behind the hoses, there was a mirror, the fairies ushered me in, and tumbling out upon the other side, i found myself crashing out into the bathroom head first towards the floor.

When i awoke, i was on the bathroom floor, trying to walk back into the bathroom mirror, it’s only one sided.


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