when you close your eyes and think of that picture, yes, that one picture hiding out in the hallway, on the fridge, in the living room, you know the one, that one day that seems like it lasted forever but was also forever ago, do you ever dream you can go back there? I know I do, bleached blue skies, endless cirrus clouds spread across the horizon thinly like little butter over toast, thinking on that picture, it’s then that i wish i had taken a different path in life.

I said to the willow tree as she swayed in the wind, embracing me with her hair dear child, you are not alone in your regret, surely all humans have regrets, and photographs are not the only things that make impressions that last forever, see my scars, where man have tried to cut me down, come here my child, she said to me approaching her she stopped me with her magic hair in August burning like fire, and pulled my chin up from my pool of despair, saying to me, little one you are beautiful, and that is all you need to know, i need nothing of you, except your knowledge of this simple thing, you are born of everything, and you are beautiful, lovely to me, and i have seen you grow, you are my little one, and these things you suffer are not in vain i weep for you often little one, she said to me

mother said I, shat shall i do now that i am an adult, but still connected to this magic, it could drive me mad by their standards, they don’t see you like i see you

then surely they are insane since anyone who knows me knows that i am alive, and care for all my children in this i rested, and sitting upon a mushroom near my mother the willow tree, I turned my favorite song on, and embraced her as she embraced me, and there we sat an eternity rising from my contented peaceful sleep, she reached into my mouth and blessed me saying, surely by tasting this sap you will see things that others do not, and in doing so will suffer greatly,

my little one but be assured this is a blessing for in your difference, you shall see, and in seeing, you shall know that which is truly real but surely there is another path to enlightenment dear mother i protested as she watered me, and i watched my hands turn back into branches, my flowers beginning to bloom for just a moment before retreating back inside

No my child, everything must grow, and it does so in both time and space and at her word, i cast myself into the river to be carried along to another place to spread my expanding roots, and she told me be blessed my child and look to the sun in doing so i opened my eyes and saw the fairies and they carried me to a new place of rest, a grove all my own, where I sat an eternity, listening to the owl as he formed my tongue in the dark of night rising from my grove affter a long eternity, i took up my pen, to write to te humans, and tell them our story

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