Forgetting the Mirror, endless waking

For a minute there, I lost myself,

I tend to forget things nowadays, slipping between the cracks occasionally, escaping and returning.

I fell once, into a mirror.

It was mid October, the sky was photoshopped with a bit too much contrast, and everything seemed harshly bright. Mid afternoon, i was walking back from school.

Passing an alleyway i felt invited in, the sun was blocked from that alley and the colors were splendid. Two pigeons fought over a roost, and a passing car splashed to tops of my shoes with water.

I decided to follow my curiosity and the scattered treasures which are big city garbage, poking here and there i found an old vinyl sitting there in that alley, intact, but discarded.

Picking it up as my own, i turned away from the pile to continue home with my treasure.

As I stepped through the alley, i felt that wild feeling again, magic was beginning to cloud the alleyway, mushrooms sprang out of the walls, glowing blue and yellow even in the early evening light.

Grass began to erupt from the floor beneath me and encompass the whole of the alleyway which moments before had been been dingy and filled with foul odors. The red brick and smell of carbon monoxide began to fade and i felt a lack of oxygen.

I’m too young to fall asleep sometimes, too tired to go to bed.

I of course feared magic at this time and dropped the vinyl record in my fear, and tripping over a discarded stereo covered in moss, I began to fall, and falling felt like forever. I felt my body hit glass, but instead of pain, i fell through the mirror and sitting there upon a fire hydrant covered in vines, was a curious old man, who looked at me what seemed an eternity.

After staring with silence being the only word exchanged between us, he opened his mouth, and declared, compassion is more powerful than hope, hope dreams of peace, compassion has the power to turn that hope into a reality. The people demand the freedom of speech, which they do not have, when the do not use the freedom of thought, which they do have.

At this he took my face in his hands, and stabbed me in tongue. The blood began to run and he said, receive this benediction in blood.

Hearts beat close, when they are kindred spirits.

You shall not speak without the freedom of thought.

And at this, he threw me back through the mirror, and falling onto the pavement, the mirror underneath me still intact, a mushroom sat in my left hand, and a pen in my right.


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