The Man who Fell into the Sky

He dodges thumbtacks, flying around the office manically, shouts and screams cannot disguise the chaos she brings. She screams and yells at him, “Pull the Jones report I want it in my office now!”

Such emotion hasn’t been seen since the man who wept when he saw the Mona Lisa. We wait watching as he dodges, thumbtacks and staplers.

He ducks behind a desk and runs, pulling the fire alarm on his way out the window, 23 floors he flies into the arms of glorious salvation. An apple flies out the window with him, he draws it to his hand like summoning, and takes a bite, and contrary to expectation, lies there a moment.

The blaring alarm doesn’t shock some as much as the broken glass floating in the air, as he lays suspended in the air upon his back. He is waiting to be lifted up, closing his eyes, he slowly begins to rise, he is not falling.

The jones report forgotten, he passes into another reality, smiling at us as he goes. He doesn’t fall, gravity doesn’t apply to him, negated and rejected at the door, he flies away leaving her screaming angrily as he transcends beyond the rest of us, returning to the sky with diamonds and tales to tell.

When you’re from his world, you simply fall up.


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