On Abraham, Kierkegaard and Faith

It is only by faith that one achieves any resemblance to Abraham, not by murder. If one makes love into a fleeting mood, a sensual feeling in a person, then only one lays snares for the weak by talking about the achievements of love. Everyone to be sure, has had momentary feelings, but if everyone therefore would do the dreadful thing that love has sanctified as an immortal achievement, then everything is lost, both the achievement and the one led astray. – Soren Kierkegaard

With dread do we look on extraordinary feats of achievement and cower from them, afraid of the infinitesimal possibility of that which we are capable of. We tremble in the sight of the truly divine, for we are insubstantial in its light. We are but ghosts in its presence, and when humans embody the divine, they fill us with fear, and trembling. We cannot but stand in the presence of the holy amazed and filled with dread at the prospect of being less than.

We cannot think lightly nor tread lightly on the achievements that fill us with this dread for to do so is to deny their very existence through subterfuge. To deny the reality of a sacrifice such as Abraham’s is to reduce it, to pass off his faith as ordinary is to deny any faith at all. It reduces those moments of visionary insight that we have into something beyond ourselves and makes them flat and insubstantial. No, to talk of the achievements of faith we must ourselves lose sleep, we must ourselves be restless.

I must myself contemplate the celebration of seeming madness that is the sacrifice of Abraham. Torn between reason, and the logic that transcends my own idea of fairness, I must in turn be bothered.

I must myself draw myself out of my drunken stupor and breathe reality into my veins. Peace shall be mine, rest is at once so near, and yet behind the walls. Today, I stand in awe of the one who draws the knife, for in willing to sacrifice he gains, the metaphysics of Christianity dictate that it is the one who draws the knife that wins the sacrifice unto himself. It is the man who suffers most who is so highly exalted as to be at one with God and be God. It is the apostle that is called last who leaves the most impact. Today I behold the structure of the world as it really should be. In suffering, I am not suffering but attaining. In attaining I am suffering.

The system of the world is ruled not by the powerful but by the weak, not by those with greed, but by those without. The ones with faith tower over those with power, leaving even the most powerful emperors in history books and musty old novels, while Abraham burns in our bosom, a murderer, a saint, a madman, a hero of faith, a holy relic, an eternal testament.

Insubstantial and fleeting in the eyes of such great faith, that’s all we can really be unless we aspire to a higher dialectic. Forgetting ourselves in memory, in empty longings is that which removes our integral consistency and makes us evanescent upon the landscape of humanity like a morning fog.

In analysing our situation we realize that no human is good, but we must also take into account that some goods are human. Faith is one of the goods that is relational between the human and the divine, it draws humans out of their baseness, and sheds light on their misdeeds, filling those beneath the ones with faith full of terror and resentment.

Wheras the one with faith is inclined to rise and continue to ascend the dialogue between the divine and human in the action of faith causes a full integration of the potential for the highest gratitude. Gratitude thus causing the hope and expectation that fuels faith into higher levels of expectation and consciousness. As the consciousness of faith expands into higher levels, the expectation that increases also creates the possibility for such measures of interaction that the sacrifice that God requests is not easily given up no for it is frought with terror from the human that trembles in light of the divine mandate. However, it receives power in behalf of its own expectation that nothing requested shall be lost.

In the metaphysics of true reality, the one who raises the knife is the greatest achiever.

In the face of dread, the one who continues on faithfully, transcends himself and expands his consciousness, stepping beyond space and moment into a timelessness granted only to the realm of faith and expectation.


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