The Gospel According to Spiderman

The Gospel according to Spiderman:

“With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”

I was recently having a wonderful conversation in which several things came up about my personal inspirations in life. I started relating the story of how Ben Parker has always been a profound influence on my life, as I discussed my goal for the school year and the developments in my person I would like to see. As I started relating the story of my desire to live up to my responsibilities before God.

As I started thinking about it, and relating the story, my desire to live up to my own responsibility to be less cynical and actually love others shed light on soemthing that has been in my mind but unexpressed.

I started conveying my experiences about being a former muslim and how Allah represents Plato’s necessary being and demiurge of raw power but does not have love. When thinking more closely on it in context of Ben Parker’s words, everything made sense.

I am a Christian because I cannot respect Raw power by itself because power is a burden of responsibility, and with that responsibility comes the necessary action that stems from it. God’s response to God’s power is Love. God’s will is that in the midst of great Power, he does not command things to be, but is gentle enough even in sheer unmitigated power to invite them into existence. Let be.

I saw God as the ultimate expression of the things i feel i need to do in my own life, which is respond to the burden of responsibility in love and humility rather than anger or cynicism. I saw God as the one who has undertaken it upon himself to act with ultimate responsibility to the ultimate burden of power and God’s unceasing action towards unceasing power is Love.

We see it throughout the Prophets, in His actions towards Israel, love, the burden of not destroying a people of unrepentant hearts, but setting them aside as his dearly beloved.

This is nowhere near what I wish i could express, but I wanted to throw it out there, see what happens.

So, in Short, The Gospel According to Spiderman is God’s action in response to his great power is the responsibility of love.


One thought on “The Gospel According to Spiderman

  1. “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”

    This is one of my favorite quote, not because I love spiderman. Its because, that quote is so inspiring, specially to the people who have all the power to do whatever they like to do. The power that we have is useless no matter how great that is, when you dont know how to use it properly and you dont know how to use it in a good way, because the moment you use your power, it will bring an impact to the people that surrounds you, so be careful to your actions, dont do a thing just because you want it, do it because It’s for the good of everybody.

    This Quote reminds us to be humble always.

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