Wake Me

Wake me from within, I fall into the inconsistencies of my own fragile internal state.

I don’t want to fall into the way things have been before. At the end of the world, you have to pass into the mirror to see what lies beyond.

I’m not waiting for an answer, not looking for a solution really, just waiting, as the drunken moon raises herself into a fine frenzy of singing and I remember the life I’ve lived, tapping into the flow of living memories that carry me into the present, I’m not living in the past, the past travels with me into every future I’ve ever had.

Experience is constant, change is constant, but everything is consistent.

I don’t know why I’ve doubted, those things you see in me, those things that I’ve seemed to grasp about myself sometimes vanish from my reception, and I feel destitute.

So in the night you meet me at the threshold of darkness and walk with me into the dark. You stand with me in the dim lights and empty places, aid me through these empty cities, and I am comforted by your hand in mine.

I have been in pain, my steps have faltered, my doubts seem unfounded and my insecurities have shot through my mind leaving me tattered and broken.

But today, I feel as if I have awakened from a stupor and come to realize the emptiness of the past that has attempted to define me.

I am wakened from idle thoughts into awareness, and again, despite my past, feeling the way you are with me, I know that I can stand.

I am not alone, I am not forsaken, don’t worry about me, as we proceed, you go upon the path that drives you. I am not alone, and you, your path is not as clouded as you might think.
At the end of the world, wake me into endless dreams, and in this moment, I will wake from the past into endless moonlight


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