Everything is music, your voice carries me into dreams, the notes that emanate from you resonate within me, You are the Friend, in my presence.

The Friend is here, the notes that spread from your fingers are droplets upon a still surface, and their echoes carry across my surface.

Interactions emerge from before there was ever color, and in the beginning, you were there.

I am asking for piety, you are demanding vigilance, I am holding fast within this little seafarer that attempts to bring me to you, the waves shake me, but while moved, I am not dismayed.

Draw me closer, as I draw closer, to lay hold of your willingness,

I hold fast, traveling along this path of paper lanterns that cuts through twilight, guide me in this path, and I will be steadfast in knowing you.
Before, I know that I wish it was before, but before there was color, there was no You

These walls fall down as I rest in your presence, and my  walls cast themselves down in your presence, these gardens take up torches and set fire to themselves, see our burning.

This fire sweeps across my city, judgment is salvation, salvation is judgment in this moment, and
from the ashes there is color, from the fires, there is new life

Before, we had a game of thrones, child’s play with smoke and mirrors, now we have each other


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