The Silence

They say Love makes you blind

They don’t know what blindness is

They claim to wander the long road,

They don’t know that it left them long ago

This dervish wanders in clouds of dust, following a path unknown

Into the ocean we shall see the climax at the gates

They say that they have power,

We ignore it and keep our secrets

We know the way, they know the dialogues

We keep the silence, and they believe the have found us

We do not hide our union,

but merely tell them they do not see us

They light a candle at the ocean’s edge and attempt to tell us they see

They are blind, but we are mute

They speak many empty words

Our language is carried on by our silence.

This conversation will never end,

its language is written into the very cells of my body that burst with new life

It is unspoken to the ear

but the words that carry out from my motions

They’re like ocean waves, and your whispers

they carry over my body in echoes

This dance that I dance, it’s part of the secret of our langauge

my feet scratch mysteries into these grains of sand underneath

We are the sand, and the moonlight overhead,

I am an endless ocean

And light pours out from my eyes

The light of the dawn, makes merry meetings

In meeting, these two hearts beat closer

We have a secret union

The hyacinths blush and the lilies whisper across the banks of our river

The Indus and the Ganges have nothing on us now

The pilgrims search out there for this

They are seeking for the outside in their travels

They know the sights

We keep the silence


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