Holy Christ

Rest, peace is in my soul.
Blessed Christ, thank you for your rest.

Lord and Christ, thank you for your glorious passion.

My Lord and my God, thank you blessed Christ, for the wounds by which I am healed.

Father, thank you for your Son’s glorious resurrection.

Blessed Spirit, thank you for your intercession in behalf of your saints.

Holy Trinity interceding in my behalf, thank you for your glorious affirmation of myself and of the whole world.

Holy Christ, by your glorious passion, have mercy upon me, and upon the whole world.

Remind us of your proclamation and help us to establish your reconciliation.

Holy Christ, Son of The Father, teach us to Love, as you have loved us.

Teach us to keep before our thoughts the mystery of your great and dolorous passion.

May your justice and redemption be the meditation of my heart.

And may You call to me with instruction, guiding me by your holy light,

Open my eyes to an awareness of your great and holy resurrection here and now,

Show me your way, and open my heart and mind to your sufferings,

Draw me into your wounds, that I may bear them with you

Teach my heart to weep as yours does

Holy Christ, may your tears be mine as well, and by your wounds have mercy upon us all, sinners.


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