Wounds of Christ

Holy Father, defender of the weak, redeemer and intercessor for the poor, be our shield in the day of battle.

Lord Jesus, mighty one, by the mystery of your great passion, be our crucified God, reminding us of your great suffering.

Holy Spirit, confessor of our intercession and our defense in the day of need, plead with us for the redemption of all things.

Hail Holy Trinity, by your great and ineffable love, teach us also to love.

Have mercy upon me, and upon the whole world.

Holy One, give me wisdom in the face of my trials, that I may lead myself and those around me with your great and everlasting guidance.

Eternal Father this your church, lead your people by your great and merciful love extended to us and to the whole world.

Holy Spirit, affirm the celebration of life and keep us from the snares of destruction, lead us not into the path of blood thirst and oppression, but keep our ways from the path of destruction

Most Merciful God, entreat us to suffer with you, and teach this child to lift up your sacred heart as the foundation of all my doings.

May your sacred heart be my guide, and by your holy wounds, teach me to pray.

May your hands that blessed the little children, nailed to the cross remind me to bless others, who are all your children. May I see in your crucified hands the greatest of mercy, and feel the warmth of your sacred embrace as you lead me to my brethren in mercy. Concerning the wounds oh holy Jesus, teach me to see them as my own, and may my hands bleed with your great and sorrowful passion for the sake of the whole world.

May your crown of thorns remind me to think upon the higher things, to be intentional about pursuing the good of others, and to meditate upon your holy sufferings. May my mind be fixed on your cross, and upon your resurrection, may your great and holy purpose be at the forefront of my mind, even as I remember your cross, and may my eyes look to your wounds for strength.

Wound in the side of Christ, teach me to weep for redemption, teach me to weep for the reconciliation of all things, wash me with this cleansing flow, and let me also become a fount of mercy and grace, a wellspring of your life as others come into contact with me, may they be refreshed by your living waters. Teach me to establish justice in seeking the life of the age to come, and to daily renew my hopes by your great and dolorous passion.

Back of Christ, bearing my sins, the immeasurable weight that is our world’s fallenness, teach me to pray. Holy Christ, with your back torn open by the iniquities of man, teach me obedience, as you yourself suffered as a servant unto the father, so let it be with me as well. Holy Christ, with your aching wounds bleeding for my redemption, and the redemption of all life, thank you for that healing which you bring.

Feet of Christ, teach me to carry the message of peace and support myself upon your holy cross, from which you have ruled the world. Holy Christ, who in your crucifixion made public spectacle of the powers and rulers of this world, teach me to walk in your ways, and against the empire. Feet of Christ, lead me into the path of solidarity, and open my heart by walking in your light. Teach me to love my brother as wholeheartedly as I have loved you, and draw me closer to your everlasting life in this age and in the age to come. Blessed feet, teach me to carry the message of peace, and to make reconciliation a reality, teach me to unite myself with those suffering, and to recognize my own sufferings as well. Blessed feet of Christ, lead me to the feet of Our Lord, where the crucified God stands as both judge and savior of the whole world.

Holy Christ, by your wounds, and the mystery of your sorrowful passion, have mercy upon me and on the whole world.

Holy Christ, by your wounds, and the mystery of your sorrowful passion, have mercy upon me and on the whole world.


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