Wandering Garden

Ephemeral in this valley,

weeping, the lotus brings forth child,

she spins her dreams into fields of endless lilies

Meditations as she hangs, philosophy as she breathes her last

this is endless

Respite eluding weary traveller again and again

a mirage on the horizon, time and again

just another endless expanse of desertion

dreams never shouted as loudly

life never was won over this quickly

stars rend their garments and explode into a cacophony of sorrow

the mountain casts adonis flowers into the waiting sky

red and poignant, ever full of grace

blessed fruit of a waiting womb

by the power of a word

tempting to cause stumbling again



Your life was more alive

your breath was well breathed,

you smelled the smells of children,

you tasted laughter on the winds

blessed respite eludes now,

outside, outside, outside

carrying this

it weighs

they are waiting,

hanging seamless,

slow spinning,




tell why her voice sounds like the allure of oceans

tell why her fingers, so delicate are like razors

tell what she means,

tell rescinding repetitions,

tell echoes to carry forth new speech

tell snow to burn

tell Father Sun to freeze



wine, imbibe it.

drink the merry drink.

forfeit misconception.

know who this is.

decline doubt

interpret this with caution

follow the lead

and lead the follower

as stars rend their garments



the women weep an iron curtain,

the children bleed responsibility into my opened eyes

fire stretches forth on every side,

bleeding chaos drinks full today

broken hands reach for broken cisterns,

there is no water there anymore





interaction in eidetic interface.

forget. remember. forget.

war is peace.

freedom is slavery.

the object of persecution is persecution.

this is madness.

This is Madness.

This is Madness.



together, forget.

ephemeral again.


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