The Trinity and the Encountered and thus Encountering Life

The inner life of the trinity as love can be recognized by us as love only through our participation in that life as it already is and draws us into it. To know the inner life of the Trinity requires that we participate already in the kenotic and self disclosing Other seeking love of the Trinity. There is no epistemology apart from participation. To believe otherwise is blasphemy. Only love understands itself, and only love can disclose itself, and it shall only disclose itself to love when speaking in the epistemological framework. Love is the truest reality that has been revealed to humanity, and it is inescapable. To be a Christian one must believe in and be shaped by their understanding of Absolute Love. In concrete reality love will overpower even non-love, but it will only do so by conforming non love into love through a Taboric experience, through a transfiguration that in the self disclosure draws non love into encounter and thus opens its eyes. Love is always the apriori, and it will always necessarily apprehend and invite the situation before releasing itself and its disclosure into the encounter with the Other. -Eli


4 thoughts on “The Trinity and the Encountered and thus Encountering Life

  1. I posted this on another day, but I wanted you to read it so I’m posting it again!

    hehehe I got to this by trying to find who is mysterion from south park. But thought: forgive others for the imperfect beings they are and you’re on the way to forgiving yourself for being the imperfect being you are, thus finding the inner serenity and strength that is so vital to true happiness~~~~ Good Luck!

    • hey, thanks for posting, I appreciate it. I am sorry I never got back to you. i was just so busy back in the day.

      thanks for your contribution.

  2. It’s nice that you are thinking about pure and absolute love to the trinities. I think it has to do much more than that to be a christian. For example, a christian must live on some sort of power with the aide of love no? For love something to help others and to shape and aide. I guess, with the current changes, the definition of the holy trinity is as vague as ever.

    Encountered is very board in definition. I guess this is one of the ways that one can encounter life through the ways of the Christ.

    Keep your options open?

    • I’m sorry i never got back to you, my apologies. I thought I had. I think Christians must live in constant refernce to and recognition of love, yes. I don’t think the trinity is vague at all, it makes sense of theology and keeps theology Christian by encountering us and shaping our thoughts.

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