Jurgen Moltmann’s Prayer

God, creator of heaven and earth

it is time for you to come,

for our time is running out

and our world is passing away.

You gave us life in peace, one with another,

and we have ruined it in mutual conflict.

You made your creation in harmony and equilibrium.

We want progress, and are destroying ourselves.

Come Creator of all things,

renew the face of the earth.

Come, Lord Jesus,

and brother on our way.

You came to seek

that which was lost.

You have come to us and found us.

Take us with you on your way.

We hope for your kingdom

as we hope for peace.

Come Lord Jesus, come soon.

Come Spirit of life,

flood us with your light,

interpenetrate us with your love.

Awaken our powers through your energies

and in your presence let us be wholly there.

Come Holy Spirit.

God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Triune God,

unite with yourself your torn and divided world,

and let us all be one in you,

one with your whole creation,

which praises and glorifies you

and in you is happy.


Why aren’t more Christian prayers structured to address God in both unity and diversity? Mayhap this is a theological failing on our part to pray according to belief. Maybe it’s merely a matter of style. Thoughts?

The Last Stanza is taken From Jurgen Moltmann’s The Source of Life, which is a short work on pneumatology as well as his The Holy Spirit and the Theology of Life (London: SCM, 1997), 160.


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