My Thoughts on Veteran’s Day

It’s an abomination to thank anybody for murder. Whether they are soldiers in this country or any other. Murder is murder. Our exalted rhetoric about the defense of freedom is an abomination, it’s horrific. I do not thank them, not as veterans of this nation, because more than words of thanks they need love from a community that hopes they shall be set free from their burden someday. As humans I stand with them enduring the weight of the evil that comes with killing in the name of a nation state, and its purported ideas of freedom, justice and free consumerism for all. They have fought for empty ideals, vanity and desolation. They are the ones who must live with blood on their hands, and we are responsible too for the blood which they shed. We are guilty of creating societies where bloodshed is praised as heroism, and where the murderous are exalted. We should not celebrate as much as weep. The taking of a single life does infinite damage to the psyche.


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Veteran’s Day

  1. It seems you’re coming from a Christian perspective, which makes me very curious how you reconcile the Old Testament & God’s very aggressive leadership of the Israelite nation.

    From my perspective, your opinion also catastrophically underestimates the relative evil in the world, the relative peace in which we live, and the cost of maintaining such a beneficial anomaly.

    • I think the old testament as history has shown was written mostly in babylon, and as an apologetic of jewish faith for a people in exile. So basically, I’m a liberal christian as regards historical criticism, and I don’t think all the history in the bible is actually history i think most of it is theology, it’s taking about the way this people knows God.

      i don’t actually think that i underestimate the evil in the world, and i think there’s nothing relative about it. It’s real evil, and it’s really terrible, we know this. But, the “peace” in which we find ourselves is not peace, it’s sequestered by bloodshed we can’t see but is real, it’s taken on the backs of third world nations. As a Christian, I’d say that the “peace” America has is not peace. I’d say that there is a better peace, a non-violent peace, but a peace that can be had in the christian community.

      The cost of maintaining this anomaly is of no concern to me, because whether i live here, where i have the internet and the ability to think these thoughts, or in an embattled nation, it makes no difference. All murder is murder, the taking of a life is murder, no matter the institutions we put around it, the freedom of choice, the necessity of war, or the death penalty, these are murders. there’s nothing justifiable about it.

      I pledge no allegiance to America, or any other nation, because only the Christian community will have the power to be the peaceable kingdom Jesus desires. I stand as an American, but I reserve my allegiance, I respect this country, but I refuse to allow it to define my politics, the church is my politics, and through it I know that war is wrong, always.

    • So you’re a self-styled theologian who tosses out two thirds of your own holy book? Interesting thought. I see why atheism is on the rise.

      Good luck with non-violent peace. While I agree that no violence is needed to defend Christianity, physical nations are a tad different. If you disagree with the content of a conflict, fine & dandy; but if you really maintain pacifism then you believe that no-one should have opposed Germany in 1933, the Mongols during the dark ages, or the ancient Persians. Pacifism by nature self-contradicts by allowing the most brutal elements of society to rise to the top. You may feel very holy in your denouncement of violence, but in my opinion you’re only being a coward.

  2. I actually went to school for theology for three years, self styled is hardly the word. And no, I don’t throw out the Old Testament, I just think that historical scholarship, liberal and conservative has shown that not all the history in the Bible actually happened the way it is recorded. And that there are a few options for Christians reading the OT, and does not include the idea that it literally happened the way it is recorded and God in the OT was a kingly warrior who has radically changed since the days of Jesus. I think the options are as follows:

    (1) God is sovereign and anything He does he does out of love, so that even the genocide at the hands of Israel is an act of love because the canaanites were so steeped in idolatry.

    (2) The OT History is spotty at best as far as being actual history goes and was written as an apologetic collection of stories of encouragement to a people in exile.

    (3)God told the Israelites He was going to give them a land and they tried to take it by force. He told them He would drive out the nations before them, but they misinterpreted this.

    There are various other options, but I think that these three make decent sense. My position has nothing to do with atheism believe it or not. It has everything to do with Jesus Christ being the way I read the scriptures. If God has not changed, then Jesus Christ has always been His plan, and He is the goal of creation.

    I think the difference between you and I is one of metaphysics and worldview, I think that the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ make possible a community of peace. And as a church member, as a churched person, I feel that pacifism is the only way towards world peace. I can’t force America to be pacifist, nor would i try. It doesn’t really matter what this nation does, I myself will not glory in the blodshed. I think that nazi germany was handled Christianly by various people including Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was part of a plot to assassinate Hitler.

    Pacifism doesn’t self-contradict when it follows the cross. I’m not promoting pacifism in itself, but Christian pacifism which is a cross bearing, suffering pacifism. I don’t feel that this is too much to ask from myself when the Lord has said that I must love and pray for my enemies, foreign and domestic.

    While America goes about shedding blood, I believe there is a better way. While America does what it does, I will be a Christian first, and an american second.

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