From a Conversation

I had a conversation earlier, and this came up, my friend asked me to put it online, so here is what i was saying as we were talking about sin, anxiety, and separation from God.

that’s what grace means:
every obstacle we set up, he just sees as something easily overcome by his overflowing inexhaustible love.

Everything we set up, every obstacle, every barrier, every level, He overcomes, in Himself, by Himself, because His sovereignty is manifest in forgiveness, his righteousness in redemption. We are obstinate but He glorifies Himself precisely by piercing our obstinacy and showing us the depths of our weakness. He is shown to be glorified precisely by exploding our departure from Him with His own presence, by piercing our sinfulness with redemption.

When we see that love, and see how majestic it is, we acknowledge our failure to understand it properly, and we see ourselves as failures before it, but failures brought up by loving patience, to be given a place despite our protest and weakness.


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