Sweet Jesus- A prayer

Sweet Jesus You are dead, but not atheistically, we do not proclaim your death because you have ceased to be but we proclaim your death, because we know that without it, there could be no life, we proclaim your death because we know we have been found wanting, we proclaim your death because it shows us we are accepted, we are loveless sinners, beloved children.

Death is our enemy, and we reject her power, we reject her sting, yet the suffering is our life, and our sweet promise, the darkness we pass through is for the sake of light, the darkness we endure is exhaustible, and we bear the fury of the world with courage, not because we are inexhaustible, but because you are, and as we bear the suffering of the whole world enjoined in you, we shall find that your inexhaustible love is what guides us through the night and gives us assurance in the midst of despair

It is not that we are happy, but that we have courage to endure our fears, it is not that we have power, but that you make possible a community which does not need it, it is not that we have blessings according to the world, but that we have one bread, and one cup which is the sweetest blessing of all.

It is not that we are the most miraculous, it is not that we have many miracles signs and wonders, but that you yourself have given us the greatest miracle of all. It is not that we have the greater works which we we seek, there is truly no greater love, no greater act than to suffer and lay down one’s life.

From the depths we cry to you oh Lord, your unhappy, and suffering children

Where there is joy, You are there, where there is suffering, you are there. Where your church suffers, you suffer with us, where your church is crucified, you are too, where your people are beaten and scourged, this is already our glory. Where people are weeping and famished, you are starving among the weakest.

Creator of heaven and earth it is time for you to come, our world is wasting away. We push ourselves to the limits in the name of progress, and we have destroyed ourselves thinking we too might become God. Come Lord Jesus, and renew the face of the earth. You have come to us, and found us, take us and fill us with your love, and bring us to life.

We have been dead and numb, weak and blind, covered in age old dust. Help us arise from our empty dreamless sleep, and wake to truly dreaming.

Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, unite yourself with our torn and divided world, and make us one in the power of your love. Let us be one in you and with you, and the whole creation which glorifies you and only finds rest from restlessness in You. Quiet our unquiet hearts, and erupt our slumber with your never-ceasing inexhaustible love.


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