The Fall

Theosis was the beginning before the start. Hallelujah falters never more. 
The maker falls into the hand of that which has germinated. 
Welcome to glory. End of line.
Waiting…integrity holds true. Orbit steady.

Morning air sweeps the seed from the tree, the mother from the child.

Nuclear devices activated, light for light.

The harbor stands in disarray, the beaches are red with blood.

Echoes of the fallen one…echoes…atmosphere is constant.
Overhead scans reveal disarray. Scramble fighters.

The sky is red, the rising sun is no longer.

Overhead breach secure.

Bread is breaking on their altars.

The one who went to be among the dead has been swallowed up by fury.

End of line.
Scanning for damages. Hull integrity compromised. Rerouting energies.

The bleeding hands of that which stands brings the children to the shelter.

There in the darkness, a single light arises. Many now.

You are the harbinger of death. Their citizens fail, shadows burned into the wall.

Retracing flight path. The two stands firm in sunrise.

The path unclear…six. Now, Three. Let the cleansing commence.

The maker falls before the child. End of line.

Terror rips through what once stood untouched…holding fast…the One True God has struck again.


Waiting, excitement and fear linger…accepting integrity report.

The sons of men will falter again, waiting to be hybrids.

Structure holds, orbiting.
Bodies torn…progress reports arriving.

Contact is inevitable.

Eyes are torn from weeping skulls, bread is broken on their altars.

Release nuclear device. Terror is the price of silence.

Nuclear device activated.
Glory broken…residual adjutant online.

The prophet sits immobile. Atmosphere scrubbers intact.

Navigation online. Orbiting.

Light for light, terror sweeps the night embrace.

Their waiting hearts now burning.

Scanning, Defiance. Scanning…echoes on their waiting wing.

Rerouting to quell the uprising. Vascular pressure building.

Welcome to glory. End of line.



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