We Will Part

We will part these waters.
Close your eyes, and follow the breath of summer
Down the weary way, along the beaten path
Across the stones that cling to our feet
Stand a little, take a breath
it’s not over, not yet.

I’d kiss you, but instead,
I have to watch you disappear into the woods
and you don’t know why
we get all choked up everytime we say goodbye
even though the nights are still crying out for
cadmium fireflies
we’ll watch this city sink again, into the Atlantic
as the sea water comes up to our toes,
we’re an ocean apart
don’t look to ticking locks to guide me back to you

There in the breaking tide,
i’ll run along the ceding river’s edge,
like a leaf laid to rest by the wind
cradled in the whispering creek,
I’ll come to you, but from a broken building
from a ghost town caught up in the arms of winter’s long embrace

I’ll look for the solstice, because
the days can only get longer afterwards
I’ll look for the ways in which we might escape
But, as the pillar of fire blinds our enemy
It won’t be till breaking dawn that we pass
dry ground isn’t the only thing that matters here

We will part these waters,
I hate to leave you to your dark materials
but there’s nothing left in your city of ruins
there’s no life in your sunrise
I’ll be seeing you on the other side
as I guide my chariot directly into the sun


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