Faerie Song

If you weave your broken line I will wait for you
as the sea foam kisses your toes
I’ll make a merry anthem
written like all secrets, in sand about to be smoothed

I’ll whisper to the earth,
except she’ll never tell
because she holds our love
like precious stones
around her neck and shoulders

I’ll paint you with the morning dew
as sunrise veils your face in glory
I’ll hold you like I hold onto sunset
and wait with eager anticipation
to see you on the seventh day

If you rest again I’ll wait for you
with soft and eager tears
weeping with soft melody
a simple song to please your ears

the wisps will catch my faerie song
and carry it to thee
like the seasons of the underworld
cast down beneath your feet

I’ll have a love that will bear you up
to stand before the end
that we might whisper holding hands
it’s happened before
it shall happen again

All this might be my prison,
my sweetened paradise
as light falls from the cavern walls
and casts this endless sight

I’ll pray to sweet Aeschylus
for hearts that grow sweeter with the coming winds
but if he does not answer
i’ll kindle a canopy of embers for you
that we might be angels yet
observing from the stars
the sweetened grace of Athena’s child
and the countenance of Mars

Lock your hearts, you gentle child
weeping in the wind
if you perchance should change your mind
this song might guide you home


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