Let’s Just Get On

Let’s cast fire on the world so we can plant a tree

and raze it to the ground so I can be with me


let’s kill the weeping masses

and scatter all their ashes

so we can make a dog park here

and sit upon our asses


Let’s kill the fish within the sea

so we can smell them rot

let’s gut the world of precious things

until they’re all forgot


let’s burn the world with all its pain

and set it in the snow

like beaten children so ignored

and starved to make them grow


let’s all just go our merry way

and piss upon the greens

making room for discontent

and endless babbel-ing


let’s just walk our merry way

and drink blood to our heart’s delight

then I can be with me again

and we can call it a night


let’s all just walk out from this place

and let it burn like hell

because what we found is when we leave

it’s worse than what we found


let’s legislate your second hand

your drinking to a degree,

but have not a care for unborn cries,

flushed into the sea


let’s pretend to have a care

for what life might actually mean

as we strip our eyes out from our heads

to give them to our screens


let’s all pretend this never happened

this infinite regress

let’s all just raise a blank white stare

and ignore the sodding mess


let the world just sort itself,

so we can save some souls

let the world ignore itself

as we fill our bowls


I Say, I say

I must say nay

to all your propositions

and with this little weeping heart

make room to care

despite the contradictions.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Just Get On

  1. so, this reminds me of modest mouse lyrics, most especially to be sung in a fashion similar to their song “guilty cocker spaniels”-

    “because what we found is when we leave it’s worse than what we found” is totally modest mouse. i like this one. i like this!

  2. Thanks, I’ve only heard float on. haha. I was just in the mood to be a bit tongue in cheek about everything.

    I’m glad you liked it. Thanks.

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