When the weeping bells
let out their sigh
and all the world is drawing nigh
into the night’s sweet discontent
I’ll let float by our last lament

The Hyacinths are in full bloom
and weep beneath the waning moon
with echoes of their mother’s womb
Let us pray

Pray for earth’s dismaying sighs,
the strength of which is passing by
to fall from grace and take our eyes
we shall pray

When the children play
upon our bones
and hear their echoes in the stones
it’s then that we will swallow seas
and pass the world upon a breeze

For we have waited oh so long
for endless tales and faerie songs
to speak the seas into our lungs
and drown us in this endless love

When dreams are cast upon that sea
we shall see what dreams may yet believe
in things that once were not conceived
yet cling beneath our aerie wing
hear our prayer

This temple is what draws us here
through the chants that linger near
and the veil that parts our eyes
gives us the bread of paradise


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