America is NOT a Christian Nation

All government is corrupt, and all national powers are an affront to the Lordship of Jesus. Jesus was not just a threat to Pilate and the the religious orders, He was and is a Threat to Caesar, a threat to the heart of America.

Reducing Christianity to principles, as some of the conservatives claim the Founders did is the heart of atheism, “we appreciate the Christian story, but we just want the principles. We don’t want any of those miracles or the specifics about this God, just his ideas, more or less. So that we can put those ideas under a new god, global capitalism.” That’s not Christian government, that’s called plagiarism.

I think it’s rather telling how little power we feel we have in the face of this god, called global capitalism.

We feel the world to be eminently at its end because we cannot imagine a way forward or way back from the ever expanding markets that Liberal technocratic society has created and combined with fascist and militaristic culture to create an ever expanding and ever more virulent marketing and commodifcation of everything that life is and means.

America’s demands that we increase our vision, grow our expectations, desire more power, clout recognition or promotion and call this faith is just another symptom of how deeply America is opposed to Christianity and seeks to subvert it. In many cases it has sadly succeeded. Christianity does not want you to have the american dream, or that promotion. Christianity wants you to worship the Triune God in Christ, and love your neighbor. Everything else is commentary.


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