Jurgen Moltmann on The Experience of God

When I love God I love the beauty of bodies, the rhythm of movements, the shining of eyes, the embraces, the feelings, the scents, the sounds of all this protean creation. When I love you, my God, I want to embrace it all, for I love you with all my senses in the creations of your love. In all the things that encounter me, you are waiting for me.

For a long time, I looked for you within myself, and crept into the shell of my soul, protecting myself with an armour of unapproachability. But you were outside—outside myself—and enticed me out of the narrowness of my heart into the broad place of love for life. So I came out of myself and found my soul in my senses, and my own self in others.

The experience of God deepens the experiences of life. It does not reduce them, for it awakens the unconditional Yes to life. The more I love God the more gladly I exist. The more immediately and wholly I exist, the more I sense the living God, the inexhaustible well of life, and life’s eternity.

—Jurgen Moltmann, The Spirit of Life, 98

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5 thoughts on “Jurgen Moltmann on The Experience of God

  1. Simply beautiful! This is the God I still know. The flurry of words, concepts scriptures, and beliefs all fall silent, and there is just this:

    Be still and know that I am God.

    Thanks…balm for my soul. You “un-Bonhoeffered” me! LOL! 🙂

    • haha. This is the God I desire to know. I’m still working towards it. I think Moltmann’s work keeps me Christian, along with Von Balthasar, Augustine and Gregory of Nyssa it’s some of the most beautiful and moving theology I’ve ever read.

      I’m glad it provided soothing comfort.

      Pax Tecum

    • I don’t know too much of Moltmann; I’ll definitely have to check him out.

      If I were a Catholic, no doubt St. Francis would be my patron saint! 🙂 I so love nature and all the “beasties” ,and yearn for their redemption from the suffering and predation that is inherent in this incarnation

      I thought I knew what “pax tecum” meant, but today, I discovered it can be translated, “the kiss of peace.” How lovely! I am deeply touched.

      Pac tecum—the light in me does indeed see the light in you.


  2. Moltmann is a liberal Lutheran, and a wonderfully adept liberal. Convincing, and full of life, his work embodies a different narrative than western violence and militarism.

    Francis, I’m about to start reading a book about him this week. I’m quite excited.

    Inherent? only because of a temporary setback, what comes naturally isn’t predation, but life. 😉

    We are friends, and I see you.


    • I’ll definiely check out Moltmann.

      Learning about Francis should be a joy. I love the man.

      Yes, life is what’s natural; predation is a broken-ness of the finite, the way life evolved in matter and genes. Eating is a perversion of the desire for communion, as the ever-hungry devils of the “Screwtape Letters” make so clear.

      I see you too. And I smile!


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