On Prayer in Community

When we pray, it is so that Jesus might embody us, and carry us into His work in the Spirit. Praying in community is not just a quaint way to pass time, but enjoining ourselves to the work of the saints. Prayer is enjoining the work of the kingdom, and embodying it through submission.

Prayer is what can begin to draw us outside ourselves and into one another. You’re putting yourself in the stream that flows from the throne and putting yourself at its mercy, prayer is not about your control or gifts, it’s about Jesus, and His power to redeem through you and your body.

Ecstatic prayer is welcome but only insofar as the experience draws us not into itself but into one another, and into Christ. Prayer in community is the gift that we have been given. Our Father is not just about me and Jesus, it’s about all the brothers and sisters and mothers of mine who do the will of Him Who has Commissioned us. When we enter this task, it is our joy to embody together a foretaste of what heaven is truly like, ultimate self disclosure to God and neighbor.


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