St. Francis of Assisi

Great and glorious God, my Lord Jesus Christ!
I implore Thee to enlighten me
and to disperse the darkness of my soul.
Give me true faith, firm hope, and perfect charity.
Grant me, O Lord, to know Thee so well
that in all things I may act by Thy light
and in accordance with Thy holy will.


I want to share with you all a little prayer. I’m about to start reading this book called the Saint and the Sultan, on the life of our dearly beloved Francis. So,I thought I would share this with you, as I prepare myself to study the life of one of the greatest saints to have ever lived. As I read these words, they are my prayer too. If only we could all be so kindled by the desire for light.


2 thoughts on “St. Francis of Assisi

    • it’s supposed to be really good. I’m gonna be reading it with my friend Nathan who is a theology student in Jerusalem, as soon as he can find a copy that is.

      but I’ll keep you posted. we’re gonna do one chapter per week.

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