A New Socially Acceptable Kind of Something like a Religion

A New Kind of Christianity Click this link for a review of Brian McLaren’s book: A new kind of Christianity

My thanks to Mike Wittmer for a really interesting critique of McLaren’s book, as well as Zach Nielsen for his pointing me to Mike’s page and the critique.

Mike intends to do a chapter by chapter analysis, but i found his overall assessment of McLaren’s theme both enlightening and to the point. He cuts through all of the tangled mess of wires and trappings of specifics and identifies a clear thesis that McLaren has set forth through his arguments.

Ultimately McLaren’s vision while cute is an opinion, that holds no basis in the truth claims of the faith, and has little to do with the message of Jesus.

If we’re going to be building a new kind of Christianity, let’s at least turn to Christianity for answers, not our ideas of what Christianity and Plato were all about. Sadly this book is an opinion that uses lots of scripture to sound right, but is actually putting scalpels and chainsaws in the hands of children, not teaching them to grow into the right use of such tools. I’m all for teaching theology on a popular level, but this does more harm than good. Check out the article. Thanks again to my mutual friends.

And thank you, my beloved readers.



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