What is Love?

If we talk about a wrathful holy father and a merciful loving Jesus we don’t believe in the trinity. A trinity can’t be schizophrenic.

The whole incarnation, life and career of Jesus and death and resurrection only make sense as Love. Love is the only thing that makes sense of the Trinity, where, The Lover, has a recipient of the Love, the Son, and the love itself is the bond between them, that is the Spirit.

Love requires otherness, and one does not love without an other, and love isn’t something that can be separated from that otherness. I do not begin to love someone before I know them, the love is my knowing them and their knowing me. True love is self-disclosure, but then, let’s suppose that I had always been in love, well, there’d always have to be the recipient of the love and the love itself. Thus Son and Spirit are co-eternal. It’s not an afterthought to make tritheism legitimate, it’s an expression of the Christian belief in love.

Love is the entire action of Jesus, He is the Father’s act of love for us, He is the Father’s prayer for us. He continues to pray to the Father for us, and the Spirt too intercedes for us, by the will of the Father.

The Father’s prayer and self-giving act of love is His spoken Word, the Son. Everything the Son does is a prayer in our behalf because He is the Father’s speech to us and in our behalf.

The suffering God has spoken, and His word to us is crucifixion, it is His own death. Not to satisfy some arbitrary law, but to endure the wrath of the world and take it all into himself. To bear the whole suffering and shame of men and women, and draw them into the life of God. Love looks like a prayer in behalf of enemies, and also in behalf of the desire for the life goodness and perfection of all creation.

The Trinity is united in action, for the redemption of the world. This is what Love is, that’s why Christians call God love. Because it’s the entire unity of three persons One God working to redeem and reconcile the world.

This is love, and human love is its highest when it looks like this sacrifice.


2 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! “A trinity can’t be schizophrenic.” Amen! It’s only schizophrenic theologians who have got it all wrong!

    May you never stop sining this gospel of love and may every heart that hears it be glad.


  2. haha, oh the angry men who worship naught but their own affections instead of being shaped in and through the love of Christ.

    This is my story, this is my song, praising my savior, in more than just words. haha.

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