A Broken Meditation

No, it does not make sense. My aching heart has but one cry, redeem me.

Sin has caught us all up and made us tools of destruction.

Sin has destroyed me, stolen me away from the story, and left me in darkness.

My aching heart breathes out a single word, mercy.

Have mercy on me.

Kyrie Eleison.

Have mercy on me oh God.

I am broken, abandoned and lost, aching for sight.

my deaf and dumb heart, shall it be rendered blind too?

would you cast me away from your presence forever?

Will you take now your precious spirit from your servant?

How does this love somehow redeem even the suffering of children? I lack the imagination to know. I will falter in my ways, and fall short of your glory. Please watch over me, as I pick myself up and try this once more, with broken hands and bleeding knees.

I will die? I’m already dead. Dead, caught up as an unwilling instrument of chaos, a tool of violence.

Would you redeem even this? Of course, there is no justice without it.

How is it so? I’m not sure, but I know all things must be placed under his feet. Even this.

In the end, it will have been beautiful, at the very least, this is my hope.


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