Christians Have a Stake in Time

or…Why Religious Observation of the Church Calendar Matters.

I could go off on a huge rant about the importance of tradition, and how it all fits togetehr nicely and neatly with this or that idea, which at times is important, but I’m gonna try something new.

Christians are all about redemption right? Time itself must be redeemed right? Well, observign a season in and with the Church’s vision of time is a form of that redemption. Lent is a time to deny ourselves, so that we might be manifestations of the redemption of time.

It’s beautiful to see that the Christian seasons embrace celebration and fasting together. I mean, we do this anyways, 40 days of love, 40 days of purpose, 90 days of blessing, 30 days of presence these are all examples of seasons initiated by churches to create a focus. It’s not that these seasons are bad, it’s just that thy’re doing something that already exists in Christianity.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, let’s recognize that the entire Christian witness is concerned with redeeming time, and that means seasons too.The Christian calendar is a manifestation of the Church’s mission to redeem time, she establishes her own time, a redemptive time, a clock that starts with incarnation, and moves backwards to embrace creation and forward to embrace new creation. That is beauty, it’s a beauty fixed in and for time.

Christians are about redemption, a calendar with fixed seasons of specific focus is a blessing to help solidify things and give us a clear vision of the importance of our story in daily life. I mean, on one level we start lent talking about what we’re giving up, or what we’re trying to fast for or whatever. However, on another level all this is connected to Jesus’ own fast in the wildreness and our own growth in being disciples.

In the end, redeeming time is something we are all about, and it’s beautiful to have focal points that stand in and with other Christian voices. The redemption of time begins with being good disciples, being good disciples includes fasting, a whole season that helps us do that can only be to our benefit rather than our loss.

that’s my two cents.

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