The Gift called Shutup

Blogrimage Day 3.

I took pictures today. I had an amazing day, but all day, I also was deeply troubled, thinking about being a pastor. When I got home from an excursion with my friend Bobby I sat to think. Thinking, I saw that life is not what we expect from it, and it’s not often pleasant, but it’s also full of beauty.

I think this afternoon, I learned to shut up.

When I went and spoke to my pastor about all of this thinking I had been doing, I learned a gift called shut up. I learned the value of silence tonight.

I had a meaningful open dialogue with my pastor about everything I’ve been going through, and I shared my feelings, he was so loving and kind. There came a point of silence where we just looked at each other, and knew everything.

I learned the value of silence, and rejoiced in the quiet power of God’s grace, forgiveness and the harmony of all things according to their reconciliation.

God, I thank you for the blogrimage, for the journey i’m learning. Today’s work of art was nothing more than the experience of silence and it was gorgeous.

Benedicamus Domino

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5 thoughts on “The Gift called Shutup

  1. Silence is…well i guess I don’t have to say.

    One of my favorite Scripture passages is when David is confronted by the prophet and the next passage says that he just “sat before the LORD.”

    He didn’t have an eloquent speech or bold action. All he knew was to sit in silence. Love it.

  2. Hey Eli,
    Great stuff! Love reading your blog on art, faith, life and silence 🙂
    Look forward to see where this journey of faith and art take you. Since it is a path that i feel I will embrace soon as well.

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