Start Here (Book Review)

Start Here!

Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris


So, some of you know I review books as part of my blog work, and today I have a real treat for you. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with God’s call on your life and have searched for practical answers to no avail, don’t worry, there is hope. Alex and Brett Harris have composed a really good and really basic introduction to how to do things for God, with God in mind and with discipleship at the center.

This book is a sequel to their first book “do hard things” which is a call to teens to undo the myth of adolescent apathy and start a “rebelution.” A term coined by the brothers to express their idea that it’s ok to rebel against the thigns that need to be rebelled against but to do so in such a way that we rebel against society for the cause of God.

One weakness in the book is the revolutionary language’s ability to be misinterpreted by young people. However, this is quickly shored up through the practical advice and anecdotes provided by the brothers. They’re certainly on the right track with a lot of what they’re saying and it helped me communicate more effectively to the teens I teach at my church why God matters and why Christianity isn’t always easy.

If you’re looking for a practical call to abandon apathy and to help your kids to do the same, this book is a great start. Surely it’s not the only book out there, but it’s a great starting point and I’d say can be used to disciple kids as young as 4th grade, all the way through college. It makes great personal reading but the open straightforward style also makes it really easy to use for group study.

This book is about starting a rebelution and the practical answers to overthrowing apathy and discouragement in the middle of doing difficult things for God, or others. It’s a great reminder to do hard things, right where you are, and how to do them when you get to the hard places.

The rebelution is a rebellion against low expectations, against youth culture’s obsession with distractions, and against conforming to the world during teen years. It’s a call to do difficult things, to be disciples, and to focus on god in the midst of it all. Great short read, I recommend it.

This book was provided for review by the Water Brook Multnomah pulishing group. Check them out at: Water Brook Multnomah

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2 thoughts on “Start Here (Book Review)

  1. Thanks for sharing – I always love hearing about good books. This book sounds like one I will need to find. My husband and I were just talking about the culture of distractions, and how we can see it already begining to affect our 4th grade son…video games and all that… Anyway, thanks!

    • I’ve found that in my time as a youth pastor, lots of parents seem to wait to take proactive measures in tehir kids lies until the kids are unresponsive teens who have given in to various myths about the teen years. I hope this helps Amy, it’s not earth shattering or anything, but very practical, and it’s nice to have those reminders in written form from time to time.

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