On the Voices of Strangers and Martyrs

If everything falters, if we lose our footing
I’ll anchor my heart in wild reason and pray for springtime

If you leave this place in tatters, i’ll pick up the sighing pieces
holding them tightly to this beating heart
and the song that she sings in the midnight

Wait a moment and you’ll see,
what beauty we can find here, waiting for us all around

The world is pure gift, unfettered, unasked for, and wild

If everything fades, if we lose our way
I’ll anchor my hope in hopeless abandon, and weep for a merry wind

We light candles with our words, letting our bodies be the light
Sand and Time, Harmonious in the end

We hold tightly, watching eternity pass us by, on the voices of strangers and martyrs
If you leave this place, my heart will go with you
though my whispers remain on the breeze

If the Autumn winds sweep through this valley, and kill our once verdant dreams
I’ll say a prayer on river’s edge, and gently whistle my sad song to the moon

Dear blogrimage followers, this is my meditation for today, enjoy.

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