Holy Week Silence, and Other Thoughts

I’ve been really quiet, putting things on hiatus. It’s not because I don’t care, nor because I’m too busy, I’ve had time, and I’ve been having a great time in my personal life, I’ve just been trying to let the Easter story speak to me, and i felt silence was the best answer.

I still intend to finish the stations of the cross post, and work through the rest of the crucifixion, but I’ve been impressed with the gravity of this story and it’s left me almost speechless. Needless to say, I wanted to acknowledge my commitment to our calendar and offer this brief reflection.

Good Friday: The day when the whole world hangs in the balance, and God has definitively turned his back on the best of us. God has left us hanging, and the best of us gasping for breath, naked and ashamed before the people.

The severity of today is quite serious. I stop and think about everything and how an obscure rabbi who became the greatest threat to Caesar in Jerusalem was put to death, for the liberation of the whole world from sin.

I choose not to dismiss the horror of the situation. As Moltmann says, “The cross is not and cannot be loved.”

In short, Jesus shows us, we are serving a God who will leave us hanging, who will leave us feeling abandoned. We are serving a God who allows our insecurities and doubts, who allows our suffering. We are serving this Crucified God, and it is precisely through all of this that He is holding us. Evil is not a problem to the faithful Christian, it is a challenge, one that is overcome in Christ and His Love. While not forgetting the horror, we must remember that today is “good” because God has forsaken Himself to place the very presence and suffering power of God at the heart of what it means to be God-forsaken. This event changes everything we think we know about God.

Just as the Spirit raises Christ, we too shall be raised in that Spirit.

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