Sustainer, a Prayer

God our sustainer,
renewer of the earth,
Have mercy on us for our wayward actions

We have failed to love,
failed to live
and cavorted with Death

We have forsaken life itself,
in exchange for sorrow
we’ve broken ourselves
trying to give ourselves justifications

Holy Breath of the Father
Stretching out to meet us
draw us into your life
feed us with the Christ
That He might be our bread

We need the pillar of smoke that is your glory
and the illumination, the fire, that is your presence
ensconce us within your people
manifest the sons and daughters

We stand before you, naked
open to the truth
Let the resurrection begin now
with the inbreaking of the renewal in our body

Sustain us oh Lord,
with the bread come down from heaven
That as we feel your gentleness we might rejoice
in the surprising hope
of the God who found us


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