Do Not Withhold your Judgments

You who made us by Your Word,
Have mercy on us.

Lord Our God,
give us the gift of breath

We are deadly,
make us weak

Strip from us the powers of violence
of greed, and self-righteousness

Make us weary,
as you were and are

Tire us with the folly of today
that we might hope for your future

Make us impotent and condemned
bearers of crosses, marked for death

Tear from us all powers of resistance
as we seek to hand them over

Make us like your servant Mary
Be it done unto us
According to your Word

Be it done unto us
According to Christ Himself

This is your good and perfect will
and for anything less you will not stand

Perfect us in the unity of faith
Love us with your gentle and sobering presence

Afflict us with holy guilt
and judge us,

Please do not withhold your judgments
for they are right and good

If your servant may ask one thing,
it is that you never cease to judge

Because in your mercy
you judge rightly

Your justice is a mighty consolation
Without it there is no redemption

Be found in our midst, Justifying Judge
Dwell richly in our hearts thou holy terror
Love us everlasting, Our Triune Lord


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