Send Therefore Thy Spirit

A prayer of Kierkegaard

Be Ye therefore Sober (I Peter 4.7)

Father in Heaven, Thou art a spirit and they that

worship Thee must worship Thee in spirit and in truth-

but how in spirit and in truth if we are not sober, even

if we are striving to be? Send therefore Thy Spirit into

our hearts; ah, it is so often invoked that it may come to

bring courage, and life and power and strength, oh, that

it first (this is indeed the condition for all the rest and

that the rest may be to our profit), oh that first it might

make us sober!

What a great prayer for Christians of all confessions.


5 thoughts on “Send Therefore Thy Spirit

  1. Fascinating. So often mystics talk about being “intoxicated” with God, but there’s also this side of the coin…..our intoxication with self, all our attachments, the things we cling to, everything the grasping mind can see or feed on…..we are poisoned and don’t know it, even drunk with greed and grasping….may all beings find this kind of sobriety!

    • I think it is important to be flooded with God, truly I do. But it nevertheless remains imperative to let this spirit fill us with holiness and sobriety of this sort. Much love Steve.

  2. (Just so you know, and in case I wasn’t clear, I was agreeing with what the prayer was saying — that we need the kind of sobriety Kierkegaard is talking about. And frankly, my experience with some who claim to be “drunk with God” is that they are in love with the idea or image of being in love with God! The “intoxication” turns out to be all about ego, and not much “God” to be seen or felt anywhere! LOL! Anyway, great prayer, great post.)

  3. yes indeed, you were clear that you are in agreement, sorry if i cam off as not understanding.

    The intoxication of ego is something i’ll be addressing in the near future, as i begin to talk about spiritual formation and the Christian/spiritual life.

    I’m gonna talk about delineating ego from Other, and me from God. It should be a good little series.

    Until then, pray for me, i have to teach on gentleness on sunday and still have nothing to say.

  4. I thought you understood, but just wanted to be clear.

    Your “ego vs. Other” and me from God should indeed be a rich field to work in.

    I’ll indeed send you some metta on your Sunday “gentleness” sermon….interestingly, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much strength it takes to be gentle…especially when you are trying to do something very crucial, very delicate…the more strength you have, even physically, the more easily you *can* be gentle…weakness is often very ungentle….

    Maybe there’s a seed in there for you, but I also remember that what a sage one told me about going to God for inspiration, or whatever…he said it’s like needing water and standing at Niagara Falls with a cup in our hand! LOL!

    You’ll do great.

    With affection,

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