Liberator, terrible force of God,
mighty wind rushing over the bastions and strongholds
power of the living God proceeding from the Father,
clothing the son in righteous love,
Your strength is endless.

You are the mighty one,
the power of God, and the terrible wonder we long to behold
We ask you to unveil us.

Make us part of the unveiling that you are bringing into existence,
and make us bearers of your presence.
We carry a great treasue in earthen vessels,
the treasure of freedom, freedom from sin, from death,
from decay and corruption.
This freedom is in the gift of you, it is none other than you

Liberating breath of God,
bring order to the chaos of our creation
raise your mighty hand and establish the loving justice of Jesus

You are the Spirit of Creation,
the One Who Goes Before,
make us holy, make us righteous.

Help us delight in the simplicity of your love,
and thank you for your counsel.
Dwell richly in our midst, and be not far off when we fear.

Be that purifying guiding light for all of us, together.
Where one of us may fall, you will never leave nor forsake us,
we trust you to guide us, especially if we stand together,
submitting ourselves to one another in love.
Guide us into truth and unity.
Liberator God, Spirit of crucifying baptism,
Spirit of resurrecting baptism
crucify our communities, our gatherings,
and raise them to new life in Christ.

Destroy our hopes and fears with your love
and give us hopes that truly matter
and perfect love, by which we shall attain
the unity you have in your triune being.

Father, Son and Spirit, untie us as you are also one.
Liberate us, from ourselves, and make us free for what really matters.
Surely this is what your plan is, and nothing short of it will we allow either.


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