You alone are the One who makes holy,
we know you are the breath,
the sustaining force of life

We stand before you with empty hands,
we stand before you, loveless sinners
broken with sorrows and deceits

We are empty, and often filthy
we are inhumane, when you are loving
We condemned The Son for your love,
and you sanctify us with your presence

We ask now, that you would look on us with mercy
for we have sinned.

We ask that you would cleanse us of unrighteousness,
fill us with your blessed presence.

Sanctifier God, my heart breaks at how unrepentant I can be
I ask that you would not withhold from me the impact of my sins
but that you would help me be faithful in bearing a cross

Welcome me to look with you at this bautiful chaotic world
and help me be a wellspring of your redemption

Sanctifier, holy and consuming fire,
pour out your sovereign judgments on all sin
and sanctify this world.

Set things right again, where we have made them broken,
we ask these things because we know not how to pray
and need your continual intercession.

Pray for us, Oh Lord, as we know you do.

Sanctifier God, establish righteousness,
the food for the hungry,
the liberation of the captives,
the homes for the homeless and weary
let us life our broken hands to you,
putting down our silly arms,
openly weeping, impoverished for your love.



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