Spirit of the Afflicted

Advocate in heaven, dwelling in our bodies
we know your love for us in that, you have
given us each other, and most importantly
you have given us bread, from heaven.

We thank you for drawing us into
heavenly places, Lord.
We thank you for your mercy, and uplifting love
surely we would be remiss without
your special presence

Eternally guiding One,
ever filling one
proceeding from the Father,
breath of the Crucified God
have mercy on us
for we are afflicted

With great maladies, and sorrows
do we stand before you.
You are the Spirit of the afflicted,
and in you we find our rest, our comfort
and our power.
In you we find the power to be broken healers
binding the broken hearted
sharing the bread of paradise together
present with Him Who is come, until He comes again

You are the Spirit among the disabled, the poor
the afflicted and the broken.
You are rich in mercy and gift giving, pouring out yourself
the greatest gift of all, your sacred life
we are known in being know by you
and we thank you that you draw us in
to share in the beautiful life that is you.

Eternally merciful breath, we appreciate your kindness,
your care, and your friendship.

Happily restoring God, we are grateful that you truly are God
and that you will not rest until everything is renewed.
We thank you for the Spirit which proceeds
the self-same spirit which cloaks and clothes the Son
Righteous God, restore your kingdom in our midst,
and make us sacraments of your love.

We know you care for us,
and make room for our afflictions to be redemptive
teach us to rightly embrace this, and make it our own.
Let us bear our crosses with the servant-dignity that you have called us to
and break our self-dignity in exchange for Christ dignity.
The dignity of condemnation is our desire, and nothing else will do.
Judge us oh Lord, find us guilty, let us all answer for the entire world
speaking in their behalf we cry out to your love and say
“Thy will be done.”


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