a prayer of honesty

I am well and good, just wanted to provide a short hello to my readers. I finally took my kids to the Acquire the Fire conference, and I’m glad it’s over. I’ll be doing a journalistic sort of review as soon as I have the strength. I’m still tired.

But here’s an honest prayer I wrote the other day.

I pray, Lord, don’t ever rapture anything.
Renew everything.
Please be the God and Father acknowledged by Jesus Christ and
the One expressed in His crucifixion and resurrection
because He’s the best, though difficult and challenging, he’s also
loving and in love with everything, in His Spirit through The Son.
Please do not be anything other than Our Blessed Triune Lord revealed in Jesus
if you are anything else, please change yourself, or kill me,
because you’re terrifying and rather evil every other way.

If Jesus was wrong about you, I want to be wrong too.


8 thoughts on “a prayer of honesty

  1. Glad to hear it Steven, and thank you for the response. I’ve been neglecting my blog, but things have been hectic. I’m gonna write a bit this week and then prepare for silence as I will have two weeks of vacation coming up. It is gonna be great.

  2. Eli,

    I like this prayer. Very much. But there’s a dimension you can add to it: an acknowledgment that in spite of the fact that the God who is cannot be less than what you understand him to be, he is of course more than that!

    Again, I agree with the sentiment you’re expressing here. I’ve said something like this myself! As has Moltmann, as you know, and George Macdonald, whose work continue to influence me. Still, I don’t think you want to communicate that you’ve got God figured.

    Continue writing prayers like these, and making them available to us.

  3. Thanks Dr. Green, I appreciate your pointing out that there could be an addendum, and will take that to heart. For sure.

    I will continue writing prayers like these, and am glad that you and I resonate, I figured we would.

    True story on prayer: this week I was critiqued for not finishing my prayers with the magic words “in Jesus name,” and apparently, this is a big “no no”. It was brought to my attention and I wasn’t exactly sure how to react, but i chuckled a bit on the inside and promised to make sure I include it.

    Sometimes, Xianity makes me laugh.

  4. Hmm, I didn’t feel what Dr. Green did…you weren’t conveying to this reader that you had God figured, but that you saw that one thing clearly. Wasn’t an exclusive “OR” — either this or that. And in prayer, as in good poems, careful qualification can water down and take away the sharp edges that the spirit of God can whistle over and make tones that thrill our heart.

    My two bits.

    • Thanks for your reply Steven, I always appreciate your two cents. Dr. Green is always concerned about good aesthetics and while the prayer isn’t primarily geared in the way he critiqued it, it could be read that way. I know that for me, the challenge is not assuming I know who this God revealed in Jesus is, without turning back to the mystery of it all and enjoying that.

      I appreciate your concern for good spiritual aesthetic and want you to know you are among friends who concern themselves for the move and breath of the Spirit of the Crucified Risen One.

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