Experiencing God’s absence as presence

Hey all, just some thoughts while I am off on vacation.

Working through the absence as a gift, and as something to be appreciated for its own sake.

When god is absent from us, it is then that we can most certainly know he is working in our behalf and with his desire to perfect us in mind and intention. Surely so long as we are pursuing him there will come a time in which he withdraws in order to make room for us. He absences himself from us in order to be ever present to us not through experience and assurance, but through faith in his faithfulness.

We can know in part why the good one does this, it is to make us good as well. In his crowning achievement Jesus was absenced from the father, his sorrow is full of god working in and through and most especially as the rejected one.

If we are to resemble this Jesus in any sense we must begin to trust that even the absence of god is an outworking of his faithfulness. Just as Israel in exile, we must see that even our punishment and feeling of rejection is to our good, and that this God is faithful to perfect us. He will indeed have no other way of doing so than by trying us with the chasm of his all-enveloping love.

We must begin to see, from the very depths of our crosses the light that says, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. This light can only be found truly after the deep darknesses of our soulds have been shown to us through god’s own radiating and ineffable loving presence that can be experienced even in absence.


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